The Advanced Technician in Manager Assistant focuses on vocational-oriented education. During the two year course, training periods including vocational actions are carried out by the students; this enables them to complete their academic knowledge.

This Manager Assistant course is a College  diploma, part of the LMD reform (décret 2007-540 of 11/4/07) : the European studies are based on three grades: Bachelor (Licence), Master and Doctorate, in order to harmonize and facilitate comparison among Europe's higher education programmes.
The main elements:
The Advanced Technician in Manager Assistant diploma allows students to obtain
  • 120 ECTS credits
  • Vocation and Educational Training. (Acquire skills in an active way). Emphasis on skills instead of knowledge. (As junior professionals).
  • Communication and professional relations in native language and in foreign languages, decision-making support, improvement of the organization of the firm, organization of the activities of the manager, management of the office facilities, organization of an event, administration of human resources, taking responsibility for a specific case, office applications and information support
  • CCF: Tests during the course period for several Units
  • Individual assignments and researches. (to develop student’s autonomy)
  • Importance of the practice of foreign languages
  • Training period in an International Company fulfilling administrative tasks and organizing events

Courses are organized in semesters to allow Erasmus mobility. Please, see the attached documents.

   Training Periods:

 Work experience in a foreign country:

First-year students, trained in administrative business, have knowledge in facilitating communication, organizing, within the constraints of the current context and spreading information, contributing to the improvement of the organisation, being responsible for operational activities…
They must carry out a work experience in a foreign country during the first year course. This 2 month-work experience, aims at putting the student in a foreign environment (culture and language).
A work experience in a foreign country during the second year course (6 weeks) is also possible.
This vocational period allows the students to develop relation and organizational skills.


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